Simple data protection compliance

Throughout the past couple of years, focus has increased when it comes to the processing of personal data by undertakings, authorities and organisations. This is not least due to the General Data Protection Regulation, which will come into force on 25 May 2018. With the Regulation, requirements are tightened as to the processing of personal data.
PACTIUS Privacy is a module added to PACTIUS developed by highly specialised and market-oriented legal advisers. As a compliance tool, PACTIUS Privacy may help your organisation comply with the tightened requirements of the Regulation. PACTIUS Privacy gives you a simple and efficient tool for documenting and managing the processing of personal data by your organisation.


List of processing activities
PACTIUS Privacy enables you to, for example, prepare lists of the processing activities of your organisation to ensure that you may easily document such activities as towards the Danish Data Protection Agency.


Accountability requirement
Accountability is one of the new requirements in the General Data Protection Regulation of decisive importance. When you process personal data, you undertake to prove that you comply with the Regulation, among other things, by registering reasons for processing data and documenting that, in your capacity as data controller, you implement suitable security measures. By using PACTIUS Privacy, you may guarantee proper procedures and systematically follow up on policies, control procedures and processing.


Handling the duty of disclosure
PACTIUS Privacy will also help you ensure that the duty of disclosure is handled correctly. Due to the duty of disclosure, the data controlling authority, undertaking, etc., has a duty to provide information to the data subject that information about the data subject is collected. Using PACTIUS Privacy, you may easily register the information in the proper categories and get a general idea of the information.


Overview of data processors
If, as an undertaking or an authority, you employ data processors accessing your undertaking’s data, it follows from the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (persondataloven) that you must enter into an agreement thereon in writing with such data processors. Using PACTIUS Privacy, you get a general idea of the data processors of the undertaking and which agreements have been entered into and which agreements are not available, etc.


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