Secure to implement

PACTIUS is a contract management system that can be implemented in your organisation in an expedient and effective manner according to your requirements and requiring no technical resources.

PACTIUS is compatible with and may be accessed from your internet browsers requiring no prior installation of special ‘plug-ins’ or the like. The system may also be integrated with your existing IT platform. PACTIUS is available for various devices, such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Download a technical fact sheet about PACTIUS and read more about implementation and security.

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microsoft azure

High level of data security

Data security is a matter of top priority with PACTIUS. The system runs on the ISO-certified Microsoft Azure platform, and all data is stored safely within the borders of EU at Microsoft’s data centres in Dublin and Amsterdam. Azure is Microsoft’s platform for cloud solutions, a growing compilation of complementary services, and one of the leading and most secure operating platforms for cloud-based IT solutions.

PACTIUS may be used by anyone, be it one person, a division of a company, a whole business or an entire group. You may opt for segmented access so as to limit access to individual business units.