Straightforward and simple features

PACTIUS provides you with simple means to work swiftly and intuitively on contracts. To achieve this end, PACTIUS consists of a number of features that facilitate straightforward and simple contract management.

The features will help you get an overview of all contracts, obligations and tasks. It is easy to search and filter; easy to add and maintain obligations and tasks under the contracts; and easy to become notified of all relevant events in the contract process.

The system handles any type of contract – simple as well as complex setups – facilitating your expedient and efficient management of all your contracts and tasks.


Easy to add and edit information
PACTIUS has been designed to make it easy, expedient and intuitive to add, edit and delete information. For example, adding or editing a contract to your files requires only a few clicks on the relevant screen..


Follow-up on obligations
In PACTIUS, the operational structuring of the contract plays an important part of the ongoing follow-up on your own and the other party’s obligations. Using PACTIUS, you can create new obligations under each contract to be met during the term of a contract. Obligations may either be a one-time obligation (milestones, deliveries and options), periodic events (service targes and annual auditing) or ad-hoc events (response times).


Adding a relationship between contracts
Contracts often form integral parts of a whole. This is the case with, for example, large sets of contracts where the contracting parties are likely to lose the broad perspective. In PACTIUS, you can add a relationship between contracts thus making it possible to swiftly get an overview of all contracts related to each other in the system. Such related contracts may, for example, be framework agreements, construction contracts, procurement contracts, IT or outsourcing contracts.


Automatic notifications
PACTIUS allows you to customise your alerts and be notified when a deadline is approaching. One example would be setting up alerts for contracts about to expire or up for renewal or for when payments are due for adjustment.


Registrations of documents
A contract does not only include a main contract and several appendices; upon signing the contract, additional documents and versions will usually be added, and it is often difficult to keep track of them all during the entire term of the contract. PACTIUS has been designed to enable its users to register and upload additional documents throughout the entire contract process, such as email correspondence, minutes of meetings, deliveries/milestones, periodical documentation, objections, etc.


Download fact sheet about PACTIUS

Download our fact sheet about PACTIUS and read more about how PACTIUS easily and intuitive gives you a total overview of your contracts including effecient control of your company’s rights and obligations.

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