A total overview

Many enterprises and public organisations experience problems with keeping track of their contracts. They are in want of an overall view and a tool that may guarantee easy access to contracts and to their being renegotiated and price adjusted on time. Inadequate adjustments and non-performance of contracts may lead to unnecessary costs in many circumstances.


PACTIUS is an efficient contract management system that may be the answer to many such problems. PACTIUS has been developed by Bech-Bruun Law Firm and Gestion and is a contract management system, which easily and intuitively ensures corporate contract overview and efficient management of your contracts, including rights and obligations.

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More than just a filing cabinet

PACTIUS is a contract management system that handles anything from complex contracts down to simple filing. PACTIUS provides you with simple means to work swiftly and intuitively on contracts – notwithstanding the size of your business and the complexity and scope of your contracts.

To achieve this end, PACTIUS consists of a number of features that facilitate straightforward and simple contract management. With its painless procedures, PACTIUS guarantees you a corporate contract overview and efficient management of your business’s rights and obligations.

Simple filing system and management

Getting an overview and searching for information should be easy and intuitive. PACTIUS will help you get an overview of contracts, obligations and tasks. The system provides you with a simple overview of all your contracts and makes it easy for you to search your contracts using filtering tools. You may also get a simple overview of your own and other parties’ tasks, and it helps you check whether the tasks have been solved on time or not.

Editing data is another easy task in PACTIUS. Adding and editing information, for example, require only few clicks on one or two screens.

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Complex contracts overview

Contracts often form integral parts of a whole. This is the case with, for example, large sets of contracts where the contracting parties are likely to lose the broad perspective. PACTIUS helps you track contractual interrelationships, providing you with an overview of underlying supplementary agreements, guarantees, supply agreements, disputes, etc., filed under the overall body of agreements.


PACTIUS can split up even the largest and most complex contracts into relevant, reasonable and clearly defined fragments. With PACTIUS, you can structure whatever agreement you have made so that each individual contract is manageable while, at the same time, you get an overall view of your entire body of agreements and contracts.


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Multiple devices
PACTIUS is a multi-device system, which means that you can always access and mange your contracts.

The PACTIUS fee includes current maintenance and updating and the implementation of new features.

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